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Family Trilogy part. I : Help me, Son

“Ah, Son, you’re here. Good.

Son managed to swallow half of his mouthful of Cheerios before replying:

– Mmm… Good… morning… Dad.

– Good morning, Son. I’m glad you’re here, I…

– How was the dinner with Grandpa yesterday? Son interrupted after swallowing the rest of his Cheerios.

– Yes, right. That’s exactly what I wanted to talk to you about, and…

– Oh, something went wrong? Asked Son.

– Huh… no, no. Nothing more than usual I would say.

– Ok. Did you say hi to him for me? I’ll join you next time, after my exams.

– Yes, yes. No problem, Son. He knows you have exams, and he wishes you good luck, by the way. But it’s just that… I think… I was wondering…

– Is everything ok, Dad? You seem a bit confused… Continue reading


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Family Trilogy

A trilogy of short stories about family relationships is Continue reading

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Patch-up job

“Oh Paul, let me tell you what happened to me the other day.

– What have you done again, Billy?

– No, no, Paul. I did nothing wrong. Let me explain.

– Sure.

– So the other day, I was taking some cash out, at the ATM. When I looked at the other guy, doing the same, on my right.

– You are not supposed to look at the other guy when he is taking cash out Billy.

– Don’t be stupid, Paul. It was just a quick look. The guy arrived, it was a reflex to check who he was.

– Ok, so who was he?

– Just a random guy.

– Nice story, Billy.

– Will you shut up?! That’s obviously not the point of my story.

– Ha ha I’m just messing with you, Billy.

– So, as I was saying… I checked the other guy and I saw that he was a worker. You know, the proper worker. Just taking some cash out before going back to his construction site. And… and… I realized at that precise moment… that we were wearing the same thing. Continue reading

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Disappointing puberty

“Ok Ricky, your annual check-up is excellent. You’re in good shape, buddy. Ready to start secondary school.

– Thank you doctor.

– Keep practicing sport and keep eating what mummy and daddy prepare for dinner, and your check-up will be excellent again next year.

– Of course doctor. I am not going to give up basketball. For sure.

– That’s nice Ricky… Oh one more thing. I was about to forgot… Mummy wanted me to talk to you about something else. Have you ever heard about puberty, Ricky?

– Yes doctor.

– Good good. That will make it easier for me. So you know… a couple of stuff changes during puberty, right?

– I’m not too sure doctor.

– Nothing bad, Ricky! Only good stuff, but it’s better if you are aware of it.

– It’s better to know, doctor.

– Exactly, Ricky. So basically, you have to be aware that your body is going to change.

– Oh yes, I know.

– Good good. So you are going to grow hair everywhere on your body. Torso probably. Legs. And your private area, if you know what I mean.

– Oh ok. Continue reading

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Gay wedding division

This gay wedding stuff is getting a bit crazy, thought Paul. All these demonstrations and arguments for such a small topic. We are not talking about unemployment, disease, war or environment for Christ’s sake! Paul had said to his wife, earlier this week.

Paul did not have any homosexual friends but he was of the opinion that two people could get married if they wanted to. And above all, he did not understand why he should give his opinion about somebody else’s private affairs.

“No random guy came and told me that I should not get married with my wife!” Paul was saying out loud to himself. And I’m pretty sure that nobody said so to my wife either.

“Mmm better check with my wife though. I can think of one or two of her friends who could have told her not to marry this piece of shit”. This thought made Paul laugh very hard.

Paul and his wife were quite open-minded on this topic (“But we cannot really know what would be our reaction if we had an case in our family”, Paul was used to saying) and he had always tried to raise his kids this way: keep an open mind and accept someone else’s differences. It was not always an easy position to adopt in this crazy world Continue reading

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“Did you see the last buzz, man? Jozz asked.

– Yeah dude. So sad, replied Weez.

– Huh… no… not this one. The last one.

– Mmm which one? Weez seemed confused.

– The one with the prank at the petrol station.

– Yo! So funny this one. Not like the sad one…

– Yeah it went mental with like 1 or 2 millions views in a couple of days. Classic shit.

– Wait dude, I remember now. I read that it is very likely that it’s a fake, added Weez.

– A fake?! Jozz could not believe it.

– A fake, man.

– What the fuck?! How come? Jozz was about to break his phone with rage. Continue reading

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