“Did you see the last buzz, man? Jozz asked.

– Yeah dude. So sad, replied Weez.

– Huh… no… not this one. The last one.

– Mmm which one? Weez seemed confused.

– The one with the prank at the petrol station.

– Yo! So funny this one. Not like the sad one…

– Yeah it went mental with like 1 or 2 millions views in a couple of days. Classic shit.

– Wait dude, I remember now. I read that it is very likely that it’s a fake, added Weez.

– A fake?! Jozz could not believe it.

– A fake, man.

– What the fuck?! How come? Jozz was about to break his phone with rage.

– Supposedly an act put in place by the TV channel which was doing the prank. They hired actors instead of having random guys being pranked.

– Dude, some people have no ethics. They are abusing the buzz. Let me Google that shit to have more info.

– I know, it’s crazy. A true good buzz has to be natural, said Weez.

– Mmmm man I don’t know. I’m reading some articles saying it is not a fake and nothing was planned in advance.

– No? I literally cannot believe my ears, said Weez. Let me see… Woah man! That would be awesome news, man. That would put everything back into a new perspective. But when are we going to know the truth??!!! When?!

– I don’t know. I truly don’t know. Different versions are up there. It’s getting back and forth. Jozz was shaking.

– Let’s call Fuze. He probably has the intention of blogging about it, suggested Weez.

– That was exactly my idea. I am tweeting him right now, added Jozz while tweeting.

– Hi Fuze, my man, it’s Weezy Weez. I’m with Masta Jozz and we wanted to check if you had some pure info regarding the last buzz of the prank at the petrol station… Mmmm…. Mmmm…. Ok… Mmmm… I see… Mmmm…

– What did he say?! asked Jozz.

– He said he did not have a fucking clue and that he could not care less. He also said that if you keep on tweeting him about shit like that, he will burn your place down.


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