Disappointing puberty

“Ok Ricky, your annual check-up is excellent. You’re in good shape, buddy. Ready to start secondary school.

– Thank you doctor.

– Keep practicing sport and keep eating what mummy and daddy prepare for dinner, and your check-up will be excellent again next year.

– Of course doctor. I am not going to give up basketball. For sure.

– That’s nice Ricky… Oh one more thing. I was about to forgot… Mummy wanted me to talk to you about something else. Have you ever heard about puberty, Ricky?

– Yes doctor.

– Good good. That will make it easier for me. So you know… a couple of stuff changes during puberty, right?

– I’m not too sure doctor.

– Nothing bad, Ricky! Only good stuff, but it’s better if you are aware of it.

– It’s better to know, doctor.

– Exactly, Ricky. So basically, you have to be aware that your body is going to change.

– Oh yes, I know.

– Good good. So you are going to grow hair everywhere on your body. Torso probably. Legs. And your private area, if you know what I mean.

– Oh ok. I think I know what you mean.

– Good good, Ricky. So your private area is also going to develop. Your voice will become more like an adult voice. And you will probably experience new feelings now, when you see girls.

– Oh I see.

– That’s ok Ricky. All of these changes are totally normal. Your body is evolving, and it will continue to do so for the next couple of years. In the future, you will also have to shave you know. All of this is what we call puberty.

– Ok doctor. I think I understand much better now.

– Very good Ricky.

– So when exactly do I become black like Michael Jordan?

– … Sorry Ricky? What did you say?

– I mean, is it thanks to puberty that I’ll become black like Michael Jordan, doctor?

– Oh no Ricky… no, no… I don’t know where you heard that, but it is not the kind of things that happens during puberty. Or during any other phase of your life for that matter. You see, the color of your skin is pretty much set for life. That does not change. Puberty will modify what already exists in your body… huh… it’s just more hair and… more feelings for girls… Do you understand better now, Ricky?

– Yes doctor. I think so.

– Good, Ricky. But nothing to be afraid of. Only good stuff, Ricky. Only good stuff. Do you have more questions about puberty before I let you go?

– Yes doctor. Can I become at least black like Scottie Pippen? 


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