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Family Trilogy part. III: Wisdom

“That’s very nice of you to join me for lunch, Peter. You’re a good kid.

– Oh no worries, Grand Pa. It’s a pleasure for me you know. I like my weekly lunch with my Grand Pa!

– I’m glad. Me too, Pete. So what’s up with you?

– Oh nothing much, you know. The usual.

– Mmm. It’s not what I heard from you parents.

– Ha ha. Don’t listen to them. They are a bit nervous because I have a lot of interviews but no job yet.

– Oh don’t worry about me. It might surprised you but I remember what it is to be young.

– Oh I know Grand Pa, I know. On this aspect, you are much more open-minded that Mum and Dad…

– So, what do you have in mind? What’s your plan, now that you have resigned from your previous job. What do you want to do, Pete?

– Mmmm. Can I be honest with you, Grand Pa? Continue reading


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Family Trilogy part. II: I know what you’re doing, son

“Hey Mum, thanks again for the belt. It’s a very nice present. Exactly what I wanted!

– I’m glad you like it, Simon. Your dad and I had to go to a couple of shops before we could find the good one.

– Oh that’s so sweet of you. Really, it’s perfect. And the quality of the leather seems very good.

– Of course Simon! What did you think? We chose the best one.

– Oh no, I know I know.

– And as you can imagine, the price is quite high for this kind of quality, so please take good care of it.

– Of course Mama.

– And don’t lose it.

– What? Continue reading

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