Family Trilogy part. II: I know what you’re doing, son

“Hey Mum, thanks again for the belt. It’s a very nice present. Exactly what I wanted!

– I’m glad you like it, Simon. Your dad and I had to go to a couple of shops before we could find the good one.

– Oh that’s so sweet of you. Really, it’s perfect. And the quality of the leather seems very good.

– Of course Simon! What did you think? We chose the best one.

– Oh no, I know I know.

– And as you can imagine, the price is quite high for this kind of quality, so please take good care of it.

– Of course Mama.

– And don’t lose it.

– What? Ha ha. Mama, how do you want me to lose a belt? It’s not like a pair of gloves of a hat. It’s always on my trousers! Ha ha.

– Yeah, yeah, right. Like I don’t know the type of things that a 22 year old boy is doing.

– Huh… I don’t know what to say Mama… how could I lose my belt when I go somewhere? I think you have the wrong idea…

– Stop thinking your mother is a fool, Simon. I was 22 too, you know.

– Mmm maybe but I don’t want to know what kind of stuff you were up to, if you were losing your belts…

– Simon! Don’t twist my words! We are talking about you here.

– Yes of course, but I’m telling you Mum, I really can’t think of how I could lose my belt… with my friends or… whatever… I don’t know.

– I’m just saying, Simon… I was young… I know stuff that you might not suspect I do… and this belt is expensive… so take good care of it.

– …

– Ok?

– Sure, Mama… It’s just… I would really like to know what you think I am doing during my spare time… How could I lose my belt for Christ’s sake?

– Simon! Watch your language. And stop pretending I am stupid. It’s normal… You are 22… having fun with your friends… sometimes you might not be careful with your clothes.

– I think you really have the wrong idea. Sorry Mama. And I can only imagine what you would be telling me if you had got me pair of trousers…

– Oh don’t worry about that… all your trousers are cheap and too large… I won’t complain if you lose them somewhere.


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