Family Trilogy part. III: Wisdom

“That’s very nice of you to join me for lunch, Peter. You’re a good kid.

– Oh no worries, Grand Pa. It’s a pleasure for me you know. I like my weekly lunch with my Grand Pa!

– I’m glad. Me too, Pete. So what’s up with you?

– Oh nothing much, you know. The usual.

– Mmm. It’s not what I heard from you parents.

– Ha ha. Don’t listen to them. They are a bit nervous because I have a lot of interviews but no job yet.

– Oh don’t worry about me. It might surprised you but I remember what it is to be young.

– Oh I know Grand Pa, I know. On this aspect, you are much more open-minded that Mum and Dad…

– So, what do you have in mind? What’s your plan, now that you have resigned from your previous job. What do you want to do, Pete?

– Mmmm. Can I be honest with you, Grand Pa?

– Of course, you can.

–  Nothing.

– What “nothing”?

– I want to do… nothing. I’m just fed up with the usual lifestyle that everybody expect you to do.

– What do you mean?

– So, you worked hard so Dad can go to university. And Dad studied hard and then, guess what, he worked hard. For what? For me to be able to go to university! And what should I do now? Of course! Work hard! And try to make a lot of money so my futures kids can go to university and work hard… Oh I’m sorry, Grand Pa. I know I might be shocking you because your generation don’t think like that but…

– HA HA HA! Oh Pete, you make me laugh!

– Oh… I do?

– Oh yes. It was time someone in this family realizes all of that and ends this goddamn non sense! Look at me! Like you said, I worked hard… and now what? I’m living in this shit hole. Only my grand son comes to have lunch with me once a week! And then what?

– Do… do you mean… you agree with me, Grand Pa?

– Of course, I do. Tell me more, Pete. Tell me more. So what are you going to do?

– Pfff I don’t know. Just rent a very small place. As long as I have a bed. A bathroom. And somewhere where I can boil water and cook pasta.

– Fine by me. And the money?

– Simple jobs. You know. They are looking for people in the bar where I usually go. Or the cinema downtown. Nothing exciting, you will tell me. But is that exciting to sit in front of a computer all day and work on Excel? I don’t think so.

– At least you will meet a lot of people if you work in a bar. That’s probably the most important.

– Exactly. As long as I can pay my rent, my bills and buy food. What else do I need?

– That excatly what I do now that I am 75. So I don’t see why you should not do it at 23. But what would your parents say about that?

– I don’t know. I really don’t want to feel pressure from them. I hope they can understand me.

– Your Mum will be happy as long as she feels you still need her.

– That’s not a problem. With my small salary I will be more than happy to have dinner at their place every now and then. And if from time to time I can bring my laundry, even better!

– I think if you present it like that to your mother, it will be fine. Find a place not to far from their place, and everything will be fine. Tell her it’s either that or you have to move 1000 km away to get a proper job.

– Good idea… I think the problem will be Dad.

– Mmm maybe. I can try to talk to him. I can try to make him feel guilty because I worked hard and now I’m living by myself with a small pension and the same thing will happen to him.

– Very good idea, Grand Pa.

– I’ll tell him you’ll have needs, and that you will be working less, so you will have more time to take care of him when he grows old, right?

– Of course! That’s the point. I don’t want to work hard and spend 75% of my life in an office, if I cannot spend time with my loved ones.

– Very good, Pete. Very good. Then, I think he will be ok. You’re making the right choice, Pete. I’m proud of you.


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