Freedom of thought

“The other day at work, my colleagues spent 30 minutes debating about IOS versus Android…

– What’s IOS?

– The system used by Apple in their iPhones and stuff.

– Ah yes. And what’s Android?

– Oh come on! That’s Apple’s competitor. The system used by other phones like Samsung. And Android is created by Google.

– Oh I see.

– So people were talking about IOS and Android. One group was saying IOS was better. The other group was trying to prove that it was Android the best system and so on.

– Mmmm

– Yes mmmm exactly, right? I was like but who cares? Is that really what’s happening? People now have opinion about stuff like that?

– Apparently yes.

– And I was like is this what Martin Luther fought for? Have we come to this? Did he march on Washington for that?

– What?

– I mean this guy fought for us, for me to have more freedom you know.

– I don’t think white middle class guys like you were his most important objective, but ok let’s assume you’re right. And then?

– I mean we should be caring about more important stuff than Android versus IOS! This guy’s ultimate goal was to see a world where everybody would live happily together. No matter your religion, the color of your skin or of your hair. And look at us. Fifty years later, we are more concerned about the way the icons are displayed on our phones.

– The other day I surprised myself, while I was ironing my shirts. I realized I had an opinion about irons. My parents’ iron is much better than mine. Me, a 28 year old dude, having an opinion about grand ma’s stuff.

– At least your opinion relates to something from our daily life. The real life. Not about all the stupid new technology that we have around us. What would Martin Luther King have said about Android and IOS? Do you really think he would have cared?

– I’m sured he would have agreed with me. My parent’s iron is much better.

– Shut up with your iron.”



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