Teeny tiny dog

Sammy was walking in the street one morning. Ready to have a coffee. He had difficulty to wake up this morning and had a long day ahead of him. The double espresso was a necessity. Maybe two double espressos.

He stopped at a traffic light, waiting for the red dude to turn green. On the opposite side of the street, waiting to cross the street too, was a girl and a tiny dog.The type of teeny tiny dogs we can see by hundreds in the streets of New York. Everybody has one. The lonely elderly. The young woman living the dream. The young couple not quite ready to have kids yet. And even the big muscles kind of guys. For some reasons.

Lost in his thoughts, Sammy did not realize that he received the authorization to cross the street from the green guy. Instead, he stayed on his side of the street, smiling at the pretty girl walking towards him with her teeny tiny dog. When he realized what he was doing, it was too late. The girl was looking at him and smiled at him too. Sammy looked for an easy way out and start looking down and smiling at the dog who was sniffing Sammy’s shoes and walking around Sammy’s legs.

“Oooh, said the pretty girl, Teeny Weeny Toon has a good vibe with you. He can smell you like dog. Do you like dog?

– Oh yes I do, replied Sammy without even thinking about what he was saying.

– I knew it, said the pretty girl with an even bigger smile. I’m Diana by the way.

– Hi, I’m Sammy, replied Sammy even more confused.

What was going on? He was wondering. What’s happening right now? Am I starting a conversation with a girl on the streets?

– Hi Sammy. So do you have a dog too?

Sammy was more than happy to start a conversation with a girl on the street. But he could not imagine starting off on the wrong foot. He wanted to stop the confusion right now.

– No sorry I don’t have a dog. And to be honest, I don’t really like dogs. Or at least the tiny one like this one. I’m really sorry I lied to you earlier. But now I feel much better after having told you the truth. You caught me off guard. I was lost in my thoughts. Because you have a really nice smile, you know. And… and… I was looking at you and not paying attention to the situation. So when your stupid dog started to smell my feet, I was still smiling. And I did not know at that time that a real conversation will start between us. But I know the deal, you know… I know that if I had kept my mouth shut, we would have start dating, and then one day my dark secret would have come back to haunt me. Like in the movies, you know. Typical Hollywood scene. We are together at your place, and your dog starts jumping on my knees and I have a bad reflex and slap it in the face. Or like one day, after a couple of years, you ask me if we can live together and I say “ok if you get rid of the dog”. You know the drill, right? When this happens in the movies, it feels really wrong and you wish the guy had be honest from the start. So that’s what I’m doing right now. And it feels good. So… shall we say… tonight… 7.30pm?



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