To all employees,

We understand that for the past couple of months, we have emphasised the importance of productivity and hard work in this time of economic uncertainty.

Our last communications and quarterly meetings presented you with a gloomy situation where each employee is an important actor of the well-being of the company, and

a catalyst of the recovery we are aiming to achieve.

That being said, the atmosphere and working environment are also primordial. Our motto has always been: “Happy employees = better employees”. Our objective is to make sure you understand the challenge we are facing while keeping a friendly working place. That is why, we would like to ensure that employees are not trying too hard to save time and become more productive.

With this in mind, and after having heard several similar reports on that matter, we are reminding employees that pants should be unzipped only once inside the restrooms. Please do not start unzipping your wants while walking to toilets. We appreciate the thought but we prefer keeping the office clear and tidy. This also applies to zipping your pants when leaving the toilets.

Thank you all for your understanding.

The Leadership Team


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