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Northern Lights on the Northern Line

For some reason, I am claustrophobic. But sometimes I try to take the tube anyway. Last time I took it, I felt the need to write an ode to my journey to calm my nerves. Here it is:

Ah! No! I’m panicking!

And I thought I was the king.

I’m sure I’m low in 5-HTP,

I need more drug than a hippie.

We are now in Tottenham Court Road.

Oh I hate this fucking crowd.

I wish I knew how to write haiku,

Instead of throwing these words at you.

We’re finally reaching Euston.

I think we’ll have a problem, Houston.

Loud music from my Ipod, very lively.

Shit I hope I have enough battery.

Next stop is finally mine.

I’m gonna leave this stupid line.

Thank you very much Transport For London,

Please next time build train larger than a condom.


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